• The Derrick Nelson Memorial Awards
    Brianna Hatch.
    Jim McCutcheon.
  • The Walter L. Clarkson Honorary Award
    Steven Zucker.
  • The Toni Bristol Honorary Award
    Lily Maz.
  • Alumni Scholarship
    Matt Bartok.
  • The Greta Schoenemann Memorial Scholarship
    Caitlin Amman.
  • The Gary Kehler Award
    Tim Miller.
  • Judy and Bruce McLane Memorial Awards – Male and Female
    Rachel Rothenberg.
    Jake Saltzer.
  • The Jack Martin Spirit Award
    Ajay Olsen.
  • The Thom Hornish Achievement Award
    Lauren Triarsi.
  • The Westfield Basketball Association Awards – Male and Female
    Sam Stravach.
    Matt Crowley
  • The John Byrne Memorial Scholarship
    Paige Radice.
  • The Friends and Family of Marge and Bob Brewster Scholarship
    Emmett Smith.
  • The Jake Tooley Memorial Scholarship
    Anna Bowman.
  • The Jim Nicoll Scholarship Award
    Erica Lawrence.
  • Westfield Wrestling Foundation Scholarship
    Brendan Loder.
  • The Westfield Baseball League Award
    Andrew Caminiti.
  • Class of 2008 Newman-Olsen Memorial Award
    Tommy Norris.
  • The Girls Softball League of Westfield Scholarship
    Julia Romano.
  • Ted Connell Scholarships for Achievement in Swimming
    Keeley Thompson.
    Thomas Brennan.
  • The Friends of Girl’s Lacrosse Award
    Olivia Shields.
  • The Deborah Tuohy Memorial Scholarship
    Griffin Aslanian.
  • The Ally Hornstein Hockey Scholarship
    Alex Sumas.
  • The Devin Family Ice Hockey Scholarship
    CJ Duffy.
  • The Meghan Kelley Memorial Award
    Kate Armstrong
  • The Athletic Directors Scholarship
    Anne Friel.
  • Advisor’s Awards
    Henry Schwartz.
    Kaela Azzaretto.
  • The Tri-Sports Achievement Scholarship
    Matt McIntyre.
  • The Executive Committee Award
    Sarah Hacker
  •  The President’s Award
    Devon McLane